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Knowing when to go or where to go is the secret to becoming a better fisherman, hunter and outdoors person. You ant to know when the fish are biting on your favorite lake and on what, NOW, not tomorrow or a few days from now. Click here to view the master list of waters report will be gathered for.

Getting the outdoor information you want has always been a challenge. Newspapers and telephone lines are 24 to 48 hours behind the action. But if the fish are hitting and you have a limited time to hit your favorite water you want to know NOW, and Hookline can get the information to you so you can enjoy the outdoors when the action is on!

How does Hookline do this?
Hookline takes the latest technology advance from information and communication processing and sends you the information to your cellular phone as a text message or email address as soon as the information becomes available.

That means when your at home and the smelt are running on the Chicago lakefront you get a report within minutes of the action and you can jump into the action! When the bass are getting on your favorite lake, our reporters can get you the information sent to you so you can plan your next trip and be ahead of the other outdoors people!

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